About Us

Welcome to Zeppel.co.uk The idea of creating the shop was established in 2012.

The main initiator and executor of the project is the owner Mr Rafal Bryla.

Zeppel.co.uk is a professional and modern company, which is constantly developing to ensure the highest standard and quality of its products. You will have an opportunity to choose from a vast selection of our items made in meticulous way the suitable product that can surely meet your expectations. Among them, there are not only various wooden elements such as; crowns, finials, rosettes or spindles but also ecletic shells and many other functional items of Zeppel range.

Each single element is manufactured with scrupulosity and accuracy. The main features that characterise our products are high quality, refined design and durability. See our offer for more details.

Zeppel.co.uk is a sole trader business, registered in the UK where the taxes are paid. Shopping in Zeppel.co.uk is secure. We accept paypal payments and also individual transfers to our account: MR Rafal Bryla TSB 77826160 sort code 87-68-43 SSL certificate provides the highest level of protection for our shop

. Our objective is to achieve the high market value and a superior position on the market of online stores. Because of other commitments we respond to the enquiries in the evening hours, sometimes with a daily delay (as soon as possible).

The assortment of the Zeppel.co.uk does not have any defects and damages - unless it is clearly included within the description of the item. Product description has been added to each item.