Delivery Information

Shipping and packaging


Purchased goods are packed cost effectively while maintaining high standards of safety and security of items.

Economic use of packaging ensures lower prices of shipping.

 If you are not happy with our prices you can always withdraw from the transaction without any consequences.

We do our best to ship the purchased goods within the next working day, yet we reserve the right to 48 hours delay, in the events beyond our control.

In order to avoid any mistakes, misunderstandings and to ensure customer satisfaction we publish a lot of photos of the selling  products.

Prices of shipping goods outside the UK are set individually but we do send  products worldwide.

To be able to calculate the shipping costs outside the UK please provide the name of the country, the product number, quantity and type of preferred shipping (class or  postal order).

We send only via Royal Mail, if this form of shipping is impossible - we are  looking for other options.

However, we do reserve the right to refuse a shipment to the unstable economically and politically regions of the world.